Case study 1.

15 year old female - Nancy with a diagnosis of Autism and ADHD. Has been under CAMHS for many years. In the March lockdown the police were called due to a further suicide attempt. In the past she had attempted suicide by overdosing and drinking bleach and self-harmed in the form of cutting on a daily basis.

Nancy Started with GRIT in September. Initially she was very anxious and would often express suicidal thoughts during each group session. We were able to provide a couple of individual sessions in addition to the group programme, which her family have continued to fund. This has supported her mother in addition and Nancy has improved self-confidence, family dynamics are changing, and self-harm has reduced significantly. She is able to take more responsibility for herself and using the life skills taught to her from the programme has been able to recognise where unhelpful behaviour patterns lie and change these within her interpersonal relationships.

Case Study 2.

Sarah was 17 when she joined GRIT and had been under CAMHS before with suicide attempts. Her family life was challenging and this resulted in very low self-esteem and engagement in unhealthy relationships. Using the life skills gained from the programme she was able to improve her interpersonal relationships and self-confidence, especially in terms of her Indian heritage. She says “GRIT has made me realise I am stronger physically and mentally than I realised. I no longer rely on other people for my happiness and for the first time in my life I am excited about my future.”

Case Study 3.

Marcus - Marcus was 15 when he reluctantly joined GRIT struggling with anger outbursts at school and a lack of motivation. Initially hard to engage with he has continued with the programme for a year, did better in his GCSEs than he thought and is now a support to others on the group as well as being able to use the skills he has learnt in his external relationships.

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