The Rumble.

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introducing the rumble.

The Rumble is the core of GRIT. The boxing and coaching combination embody what grit is all about - knowing how to roll with life’s punches and get up and go again when you’ve been knocked down. The boxing component teaches the physical fight. It covers the fundamentals of non contact boxing - stance, punches, combinations, pad work and boxing fitness and what a fighter mentally needs to get in the zone to take on an opponent. The coaching component raises ware was of how to recognise quite rumbles of disconnection before they become a roar and helps to discover the truth about who you really are. It uses the boxing component as a vehicle to relate to life and how we need to meet our own needs in order to reach our potential in life and in our relationships with others. These are useful skills that anyone can utilise and also have fun and get fit whilst learning them!

Whilst the grit programme uses mentors and offers 1:1 coaching where necessary the Rumble can be adapted to suit any needs. We have delivered six and eight week programmes in schools and to young people in areas of social deprivation to empower them to make their own choices and take responsibility for their lives. We can tailor make a programme to suit your needs whether that be a 2 hour or day workshop or a programme that runs over several weeks.

If you are a business that would like to run a fun-filled and educational workshop with a wellbeing coach and a professional boxer as well as supporting a charity then please contact us for further information.

young people.

The knowledge of our emotions and relationships can help give young people skills to navigate the challenge of adolescence and relationships during this time.

Quotes from previous courses:

“ I feel less like I want to fight people”

“ It’s helped me to feel safer”

“ I love coming to this”


We recognise that teaching is a stressful occupation and with the emotional needs of young people increasing the demands placed on a teacher and how this can affect their own mental well being are often under recognised. It is therefore of upmost important that a teacher is able to meet their own needs through connection to self, learning to lead, building self confidence ands an understanding of emotions and how the adolescent brain functions.


Parenting a teenager can be stressful and can bring up a lot of internal turmoil in a parent. Is it my fault? What am I doing wrong? How do I handle my teenager without it always turning into a fight? For the majority of parents it usually comes back to the same thing - are you offering your teenager the same as to what you would give yourself? A lot of parents tend to put themselves at the bottom of the pile which means that there is not a lot left to give when it comes to the needs of your child. This programme will support you in meeting your own needs and giving you space to explore this in a supported environment.


Wellbeing is increasingly recognised as being essential to a thriving, productive workplace. A well supported working environment can reduce sick days, work related stress, staff turnover and incidents of bullying and harassment. We can organise sessions delivered to groups of people tailored to your needs to support the development of a workplace that allows people to thrive.

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