The Activities


Boxing Based Fitness

Boxing teaches discipline and self control and can help in avoidance of harmful behaviour. It has been a life changing influence for many young people.  These weekly sessions will use the benefits that boxing has in recognising the frustration and aggression that so often accompanies self destructive behaviour in a way which few sports do and focus these emotions into energy which can be used in a constructive way. Anecdotally boxing has been shown to improve self confidence and self esteem as well as being an excellent sport for improving fitness. The sessions will be lead by Graham Tirrell, a professional boxer and lead boxing coach at Elite gym Hitchin.

See this article in press describing how boxing helped Prince Harry through his challenging times.

Please note the sessions will include bag and pad work focusing on technique and fitness but will not include sparring. If a teenager wished to undertake sparring then they would have the opportunity to do this via Elite gym.



The practice of yoga is known to have both physical and emotional benefits. The whole practice works with the nature of the mind and helps us to understand how emotions affect the body and behaviour. Breathing deeply switches the body out of the fight or flight mode so common in anxiety disorders helping to promote a reduction in stress and improved sleep and mental wellbeing. Physically yoga promotes strength and flexibility which is transferable to almost every other sport. GRITs yoga sessions are based at the Yoga Shed in Hitchin and are taught by Sorrel Broadbridge and Helen Flower. Both are very experienced yoga teachers and have experience in teaching teenagers.



In these days of clean eating, paleo, low carb, sugar free, vegan and macro counting diets it is difficult to know what we should and shouldn’t be eating. Through our nutritional sessions with Emma Ince from Cookery Eatery we will go back to basics when it comes to nutrition. We will teach the teenagers to listen and respect their bodies and their physical needs and encourage them to explore food and its nutritional and social benefits through tasting, cooking and socialising.


After completion of Phase 1 we hope the individual will have experienced how exercise can be used as a way to focus challenging emotions into a positive energy and will then be in a position to explore other activities they think they will benefit from such as running, dance, photography and film making. GRIT will be able to facilitate this during Phase 2.